Alcresta is developing and commercializing innovative, point-of-care, enzyme-based nutritional products designed to improve proper nutrition and support disease management. Alcresta’s research-based approach is innovative, proprietary and driven by the unmet nutritional needs of those people with compromised health. Alcresta’s core capabilities include expertise in adult and pediatric nutrition, as well as protein manufacturing expertise and regulatory experience that support the development and commercialization of its programs. The company’s platform is supported by the Alcresta team’s proven success in developing protein therapeutics.

The demand for high-value nutritional products is increasing, driving the growth of a $36 billion global market. Leveraging its existing proprietary platform of point-of-care nutritional products, Alcresta has developed a lead program designed to improve the digestion and absorption of fats, in particular long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (including omega-3 and omega-6), and improve caloric intake. The importance of LCPUFAs is well documented across the full spectrum of patient care from premature infants to aging adults and individuals battling acute conditions or chronic diseases.

Alcresta was founded in 2011 with $10 million in Series A venture capital financing led by top-tier venture investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Frazier Healthcare and Third Rock Ventures. In July 2013, the company secured an additional $10 million in Series B financing.

Based in Newton, Mass., Alcresta was co-founded by Alexey Margolin, Ph.D., and Robert Gallotto, industry leaders with proven and unique experience in protein therapeutic design and the development of nutritional products. Alcresta is leveraging its leadership team’s combined operational expertise in manufacturing, formulation and non-systemic protein delivery.